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Stephen Fearing

When people come to your concert in Derbyshire from as far away as the Wirral and the Scottish Borders you can be sure that the artist has a great deal to offer. This was definitely the case with Stephen Fearing with his magical touch on the guitar strings.

The combination of his masterful guitar craftsmanship and his smooth voice, sometimes dark and dusky, sometimes ringing out as clear as a bell made for an enthralling performance.

His delicate, nimble, finger picking on the guitar strings was a delight to watch and hear, sometimes you thought you were listening to a whole band, not just a single guitar, Fearing is profoundly at one with his instrument.

He is difficult to pin down in terms of genre; folk? Americana? But his many years touring means he is accomplished at holding his audience, both with his music and his anecdotal tales with which he weaves his performance together.

Altogether a captivating evening.

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